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"codingbee: India's coding hero's"

Greetings from the Codingbee Team!

Times of India presents "CODINGBEE: India's Coding Heroes" powered by Makebot- the online coding championship. Codingbee platform offers a free registration and free learning material to all students from grade 3rd to 12th in various languages such as Scratch, Python, HTML CSS, JAVASCRIPT, Artificial Intelligence, & Machine Learning

The Idea behind the competition is to fuel innovation in every child and expose them towards new age learning through technology & coding. Students can learn, innovate & become inspiration for many others like them by showing their skills.

It is a journey that includes learning, Competition, and lots of exposure. Requesting you to go through the document attached below for this program and confirm your accord. Please let us know a good time to connect with you and discuss this initiative in detail.